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One of my favorite pastimes is sitting at a train station drinking beer from a can. That's quite bad, when you think about it.

Sometimes I overhear conversations other people doing similar thing (yes, there are more like me!) have. I've probably learned more about how police detention works by listening to them than I possibly ever could otherwise, short of doing it myself.

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@pony Unless there is explicit restriction against it I don't think its that bad.

Many British people do it and if you are minding your own business/looking at trains and not totally drunk or causing trouble/begging for money for more drink then no one used to bother you (it might now be banned in London and also at my main station because people *were* fighting or begging for money, I know there is alcohol restriction zone in some bits of town).

@vfrmedia I think it's the typical let's get rid of the beggars and decent people don't do it restriction. Public drinking is more or less tolerated here. But as everywhere, benches are disappearing and everything is made more and more unfriendly to just stay.

@pony there is double standard where its "better" to drink at pub and then go trainspotting (beer *is* better but ofc more expensive). Although drinking alcohol *on* the train journey is usually OK and part of British culture

I had some fun in 2005 as I was travelling to a rave in W England (I am Asian) and there was big terrorism paranoia (following bomb at London), in the carriage I opened up a sports bag and everyone around me looked worried until I pulled out a bottle of cider 😆

@vfrmedia my last visit in Scotland was marked by a drinking ban on the scotrail, but that was just an evening event because of some football or whatever. Drinking on the Czech railways (not excessively ofc) is even encouraged by beer and wine readily available in the restaurant cars and foodcarts.

On the other hand, it is now effectively banned in Poland and some German lines, which is quite strange to me.

@pony it would likely have been because of a football match the same evening. We do sometimes have buffet cars but they are less common/harder to find/and associated with poor quality food/beer since 1970s. In fact I think it became OK to drink from cans of beer at the station *because* you couldn't get it on the train.

it does seem strange both PL and DE banning alcohol on trains as I'd not heard of any worse trouble occuring than in the rest of EU..

@vfrmedia I'm not sure where they banned drinking in Germany, maybe I'm wrong, it was quite specific in location. Just some regional trains in one state or something like that.