What is haupt.bahnhof.cz?


This is a Mastodon instance for bahnhof.cz. Instead of having a set topic, the instance is defined by being mine :-) I'll keep the registration open for now, but there's no guarantee of the service or anything, proceed at your own caution. I assume this instance can take about a double-digit user count before it starts to be burden.

There are few rules you'll have to deal with should you really want to go on.

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As per some legal stuff, the server is a VPS hosted in Germany and generally you should respect the law, if you want to post here. I'd also strongly advise you to follow the established set of rules on the general Mastodon "fediverse", whatever that is at the moment. Something like this I assume.

I also want to have few extra arbitrary rules. As there are 3 thousands instances to choose from, there are presented on a take it or leave it basis.

  • I'd like to reserve the ✓, ✅ and similar symbols to use only with my own accounts in the display-name here.
  • Please, no ☭ in the display-name. I'm from the Eastern Europe, you know.
  • No excessive heavy media posting. I mean, I really want this hosting to stay cheap, sorry.
  • Other instances deemed low quality, shitty and terrible may be banned/silenced on a whim. Example: various GNU/Social freezpeach alikes.
  • Bots are OK with me, but the resource usage rule holds.

Security and privacy: on the best effort basis. As in, I'll try not to break it, but that's all you can expect.

Oh, and the most important thing: no history permanency, I seriously plan to do regular cleanups and possibly, when I figure it out, just delete everything older than few weeks. Life is moving fast and history is of no interest to anyone. You can't really even access it.