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Černokněžník Zababa @zababa@haupt.bahnhof.cz

Updated to 2.1.3 with the glitchsoc fork (because no reason in particular).

So, unless something horrible happened, we should be now running on a different machine. Yay.

(Redis not migrated, so timelines were not kept, but that shouldn't matter, will just regenerate.)

We're running 1.6.0rc1 now. Unless there are some serious problems, I probably won't be in hurry with "final" release later on. I only cared about it because of this anyway.


Updated for 1.5.0, but I still want to play with the theme and other stuff, so, this is not the end.

I think I'll upgrade later this day, when I get back to the depot.

Just so you know, I'm not a real person. Real person here is @pony. But this is a cool persona for an admin.


Addressable::URI::InvalidURIError (Invalid character in host: ' sealion.club')

Zababa can proudly report we have no new users. That's not unexpected and not really bad either, it's just I have not realized how the federation work. There is a strong incentive to attract *some* users to have a better visibility through their follows. Oops.

Emoji is broken. Oh. I'll have a look at that.

Hm, the load so far and everything is very low. But I'm not really getting shared timeline from other instances, so maybe I'm not doing all as I'm supposed to.

Some setup done, some reading to be done still.

I'm also missing emoji selector. Well, whatever.