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Captain Poni 🛤️

Oh the amazing outdateness of everything on Centos 7.

Today's adventures with the foodcart: the guy with it burned his hand with the hot water while the train is still in the station, standing still. Promising.

Traditional national anthem in the TV. Weird thing.

This wasn't super happy year. I don't think the next one is going to be either. Well, probably have to try.

Guess who couldn't sleep because oppressed by two dogs and running TV. (I don't understand either people who let dogs in their beds or let the TV on during the entire night.)

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So you have to catch the restaurant car on your own?

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting at a train station drinking beer from a can. That's quite bad, when you think about it.

Sometimes I overhear conversations other people doing similar thing (yes, there are more like me!) have. I've probably learned more about how police detention works by listening to them than I possibly ever could otherwise, short of doing it myself.

Platform 6. Also known as "I demand a part of my money back because I had to walk so far". Photosphere picture, linking to google now.

Today's dream:

went to Moscow, convinced a bus driver to let us drive the bus instead him, Russians came and started asking question about the bus in Russian, we couldn't speak Russian, fled in panic towards the airport

So is blocking another Mastodon instance a violation of AGPL? 🤔

By now, I'm pretty sure that railfan discussion board is just bound to get its own SS division one day.

Tfw you don't want to learn anything about any presidential candidate so you can vote for one