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Captain Poni 🛤️

To go in a store just to ask for directions to the post office is something I have to try too.

> připomínající oblíbeného dinosaura Rexe


(I need to write something here because mastodon interface doesn't let me post just a pic.)

Obviously totally retro. Yet there is one novel element, guess which.

Remember class 242?

It has another amazing acoustic feature I didn't mention the last time.

It's designed to work with 25 kV AC, now, what's the one thing this voltage, alternating, does? Arcs. It's not easy to disconnect two pieces of a circuit without an electric arc.

So there is actually a chamber inside that does that. Arc happens there, but it is contained.

It's also loud. So of course the driver had to do it when I was walking next to the locomotive.

Arrived earlier. Managed to catch an express 20 minutes earlier.

Guess who's pushing the food cart.

Bohemia sekt factory in Starý Plzenec has a large sign. Too large for me to possibly ignore desire to have some sparkling wine now.

Environmental hazard.

Authentic Czech train station. Nothing really changed since 1970.

I didn't manage to snap a picture before the door obstructed the markings, but it said SK-GWT. It's a railbus they bought in Slovakia. Old friends meeting again.

Do you want on old T420 thinkpad?

Just wait for it under my window, it's bound to fly down your way very soon.

My mother obviously wants to spend quite some time describing this morning's weather in Blatná, Písek and Vodňany. Such is the life here.