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*news article about how the banks are getting ready for processing payments near real-time*

*pony's friends: that must be the bitcoin pushing them to do it!*

*narrator: it's mostly the new EU directive*


Oh wait, my father is super happy it's snowing because he can now go out and shovel it as far as he can, until the municipal workers show up to clean the road.

This gate btw. also suffers from the wind issues. Once, a wind gust knocked it down. It wasn't very hard, it's a large surface of wood planks and narrow columns made of brick layers. Those layers held together only by weight of the bricks of upper layers and some mortar with questionable bonding strength.

Honestly, most of this place feels like a practical joke about my father having a degree in math, confirming all jokes about such people.

It's a bug (useless lock on the large gate that was fixed by adding a latch) that was turned into a feature.

To the point that when we tried to open the small gate, it was not possible because of the rust.

They have another habit tho.

There's a fence and it has a small gate for people and a larger gate for the car. They are next to each other. There is nothing special about it.

Except the small gate is locked all the time and never used. Because while the large gate has a lock too, it can't prevent it from opening, there's a latch for it. You only need to reach the latch to open it.

They are too lazy to unlock the small gate. Why do they lock it, when you can get in through a latch anyway?

Another funny story.

My parents have a house on a hill, exposed to the wind. They also have a garage with simple two wing door.

This means that under most of weather conditions, someone needs to hold both the wings so they don't smash into the car.

We had to do it all the time and I hated it and always told my parents to finally get some technical solution.

Today, finally, with my parents not having access to free child labor, guess what I saw there. Latches. After 20 years.

Btw., I saw that cute guy with the train food cart from Tuesday again on a different train today. How many beers do I have to buy from him before asking him for a date?

She also calls metro lines "floors" and is very interested in knowing who takes care about the garden in front of the house where I live (there are 2 meters of a sidewalk and that's all, ofc, I don't live in a jungle, ffs).

I would really love to see her mental image of Prague.

It puts things into... perspective? Really weird one I mean, that my grandmother talks about the line B of the Prague metro as something new she isn't entirely sure if is already there, because her last trip to Prague using any form of public transit was quite a long time ago. (Later, she just made my mother drive her wherever she wants.)

My father used to go to high school with a guy who's now a B rated TV actor. Watching any TV is so painful here.

Yeah, I know where I am when the teenagers can't help themselves not to smoke on a platform (no, not allowed) while waiting about 4 minutes for their connection.

This used to be platform 2 for most of my life. Oh, changes?

Supermodern feature here. This is how you get to that second platform. And that lady is there to yell at you that you can't cross now, so that passing locomotive doesn't kill you.

Now this.

I was standing under this table and was asked by someone if it's a train to Budějovice at 18.02. Of course.