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Captain Poni 🛤️

@cpsdqs probably not, but on my phone, it was quite un-amazing.

My phone managed to do a day without reboot. I guess flashing back to the stock image was the right thing to do.

@er1n Who doesn't like to speak about themselves in the third person.

@karen @Pasty It's not like being underweight is an goal or something, right.

There are people doing Doom lore videos...? Oh god.

@MightyPork @vfrmedia Can't see why, it's just a branding and minor UI update. (At least when I compared Lync 2010 we used to have with what we have now.)

@MightyPork I don't know why they even bought it. Current Skype is something completely different, they just kept the brand (and even put it on stuff that doesn't have anything at all with Skype -- Lync, which they even managed to rebrand *yet* again).

The thing itself is OK I think.

@MightyPork not sure about minecraft tbh. Or skype. Or linkedin. Or...

So the driver shortage is getting so bad even the Prague transit company is having to cut some services because of that. (Coming after some private companies failed to staff even a reduced holiday service during this Christmas.)