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Captain Poni 🛤️

Are the neighbors having a weird sex or a schnitzel for the lunch.

We may never know.

Lovely, so I flashed the phone back to the vendor software. If anything, at least it doesn't restart itself every 30 minutes.

Been watching LineageOS restart screen for 20 minutes now. That is not great. Last time this happened, it ended up with essentially a factory reset.

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@CobaltVelvet more like nobody cared to make decent and probably interactive tools for it.

We went from +10 minutes of delay because "late arrival from another country" to +30 minutes because of the same reason. Yeah. I'm sure.

Dev pleroma instance at (consider temporary), let's have fun?

@pony Yeah, idiot pony didn't make blovice nginx listen on v6.

@kai I had some quite nice pictures I could use there, but as always, when I re-read it, it's quite trashy and not worth publishing.

@kai I have in my blog queue something about the same topic. It comes every single winter. But I didn't have good pictures and didn't really like it either way.