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Commander Pinkponylove

disappointed there is no vermintide 2 dlc so far

trainspotting with kim on a boat surely must be fun

@kaniini not sure what did i expect. or how to comment it. it's... a car? ok

@kaniini @hcs ok, still, i instantly stop caring about places when i read "no rapid rail transit"

@_HellPie @karen i imagine that will depend on what the ruskies do to adapt their armor, mostly

@kaniini @hcs i don't think either qualifies as a major city in my perspective, but then, my perspective is weird

@_HellPie @karen looks like you can easily swap it for normal legs?

@kaniini @hcs i thought you were somewhere in oklahoma

@hcs doesn't he live like in a middle of nowhere?

@calvin it's more like there is still no runtime configuration loading and stuff, otherwise, a binary package shouldn't really be that hard to do?

@calvin pleroma in the ports won't be much fun either, just easier to deploy by hand i imagine