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Great thing about pleroma is I don't have to split my long ramblings in order to meet an arbitrary character limit.

In things you probably have missed this weekend (because why wouldn't you) was the last regular service for the old 451/452 EMU, not only in Prague, but like, forever. This actually surprised lot of people, because just few years ago, it was often seen on the Prague commuter trains replacing newer units, but this quickly came to the end when the major repairs on them were no longer carried out and all of the remaining trains, except for those earmarked for historic preservation, were just pulled out of service when they broke down or reached kilometer limit for heavy maintenance.

Having served since 1960's, when it was made, without any unit receiving any kind of an upgrade (including the interior) made it a very deserving museum piece already. I don't really have many memories concerning the train because I only met them few times when I was either too young to really remember, or just very infrequently in the last few years of the service. So, well, not much to comment.

I don't even have a very good picture actually. But then, this is it, chance of seeing this on a regular train again is now really, really low.

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shamelessly stolen picture of something rather sad
Czech railways extraordinary events report seems to indicate it's raining a lot in the Karlovy Vary region.
@lain like this reply 10 times and i'll actually cook this monstrosity
> U Národního muzea položili nové koleje. Zatím se neví, kudy povedou dál

10 years anniversary of this rather sad happenstance of a bridge under construction collapsing in front of a train (unlike Eschede, it was the bridge that collapsed first, train only hit it because it was too late to stop it)

people repeatedly pointed out it's an interesting coincidence it happened on 8th of August in 2008, to a train number 108, led by the locomotive number 151.018 leading to 8 fatalities eventually

@MightyPork it's 10 years from the Studénka train crash and essentially start of full scale hostilities during the Georgian war of 2008.

@MightyPork @pony @anymouse_404 jihočeských výplat. a proč ne? protože je to k ničemu, na víc jak pár hodin cesty to není, člověk se s tím pořádně nikam nepodívá, pokud teda nepovažuje denní dojíždění z Netolic za vrchol blaha

@anymouse_404 it's not much of a problem in CZ where you can just get a new SIM card whenever you fancy and pay it with cash and not have to register it or anything

oh, btw., does anyone actively use their hbf account? (if you have one)

So, today I asked one of my interns "jakou máš vizi" (what's your vision) and he understood it as "what is your visa", because he's Russian and he kind of struggles with words only differing in i/í pairs (and also needs a visa)

Poni: worse than ICE.

(yes, it's me on, don't worry, i just feel like slowly migrating to bleroma and i don't plan to preserve much of the hauptbahnhof db anyway)

> stanice uzavřena pro vstup pro poruchu eskalátoru


shittiest ebanking in the country, i reckon

i guess each generation has to go through this nonsense at some point of their lives, but still, you shouldn't get away from it so easily

and there is little question of yet another comeback of the mythical semantic web being shitty, it probably is by definition