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Commander Pinkponylove

@cpsdqs you also probably haven't used it at all

@kai I don't know, there is just so much about it that tells you nobody really cared about how is it going to work. Like that forward tilted face. Surely looks cool, but show me how you couple two of there together.

@kai It was pretty obviously a bad idea from the start, so...

@lain Honestly, if you were only posting edgy stuff, I'd probably all bleromastuff for all eternity (too).

Wait, Destiny 2 has this pseuo-Valentine day even when 2 play against 2, but somehow, I got *no* team-mate and was getting horribly shredded while the narrator explained to me it doesn't matter, because at least I got the partner?

Bungie, pls.

@MightyPork @milan I always thought these are just in a computer games, but once I ended on some place with a folding table and half of a Trabant lying around in pieces.

@iliana loved the first one in the day with the frosted trolley

@MightyPork we used to give fines for this on sreality, but it doesn't make difference

@MightyPork should pony get everyone's 10,000 instead? yes!

@lain oh. because just attaching offending posts to a report is hard?

@lain Yeah, the point of the GDPR should be like unification and more leverage on facebook and stuff. But like, this attitude. And hypocrisy.

@lain GDPR isn't in effect yet, but I'm fairly sure unreasonably delaying data removal could get them a nice fine eventually.

@lain @karen yes, we can go and steal them in the autoreich.