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Captain Poni 🛤️

I get the feeling this ghosting issue is getting progressively worse and worse. So, it's not only the software, but hardware too that has serious issues.

Why didn't I just buy the iPhone again.

Prague. Four different poles and lamppost, lot of meaningless traffic nonsense, two completely different bins, one uglier than the other. I kind of hope there are actually two different companies tasked with each of them. Because there may.

So this is how life here is like. It's a mess.

And of course, honorable mention, Å koda class 242 electric locomotive on our measly single-tracked 25 kV~ "main" line.

Since you don't really sit in it, there isn't too much you can say about it.

Except for one thing, it's not a very modern thing, so it's regulated by mechanically switching the collector on the transformer coil. Unlike modern locomotives that emit tone of varying frequency, this one does nice soft "tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk".

(And the compressor noise, of course.)

Aaand, finally, M152.0 railbus (or 810 now) from Vagonka Studénka.

Again, this was what we got when going on rail locally.

It's got essentially an engine from a bus including a mechanical gearbox, so you could hear it working. It's got just two axles and no real bogies... you jump around a lot.

In the original version, the windows cannot be fully opened, they only get those tiny tops than can be tilted (not even fully), so... we're not talking about AC either, guys.

But we're not done!

Second vehicle from my youth is this. It's Karosa bus of the 700 series. They were everywhere.

They made three version (plus articulated ones, not in our tiny town tho).

One was for city transit, had three doors and an always angry driver.

Then there was a suburban version with even angrier driver, only two doors (front and middle) and capacity of 80 people. Always full.

And then, the long distance version. Only one door and an angry teacher on the schooltrip.

Got bit inspired, so there's something from my childhood. :D

This piece of miserable shit is Å koda 120, made from late 70's to late 80's (that's communism). And my parents owned one.

One oddity is the rear-mounted engine. That means the trunk is in front, you open it with a small lever inside and secure by hand with a kickstand. Also, good luck actually fitting anything there.

And the engine constantly overheats because the cooling is terrible. Good luck not having to stop all the time.

Co je ti po tom, samolepko?

(Czech posting intensifies, Christmas gift for you.)

so that was the list trip in the 2016/17 timetable.

happy new year, more or less

looks like Alex finally got themselves something decent even for the Prague express

regrets. I feel bad.

also, the last trip this timetable

I got like a zillion of selfies, so it's not very hard to make a year diff, but, it feels boring. Like, I'm not that interesting to look at. And not getting better in any way.