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Commander Pinkponylove

trainspotting with kim on a boat surely must be fun

c*nts gonna be c*nts regardless of privacy notices

why would *you* have my personal info?

awww, how sad

thank you for teaching me i don't really want to deal with all those cool startup people and now go away 🔫

This is like /me from irc. Good specs here.

then again, this country is full of ~100 years old steel railway bridges that need replacement.

and all those replacement bridge decks will simply look differently because it would be folly to make a replica using rivets and all that outdated stuff, when the sane thing is to just get more modern welded construction that only roughly looks like the old

it's a bit of a loss, but then, you can't keep everything?

(stolen example pics of one such bridge)

not playing the game that well with my blovice bleroma

So the ☔ thingie is OK now, but like pls dpp, wtf is this. I want to go home this century.

Water down there, perfectly dry tram. Explain that.

google, pls, kdyz googlim advokata...