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Hah, my late November cat food order was updated with the information from the eshop that they are waiting for it to return back (from the carrier, I never got it). Only then they'll refund me.

I'm sure you're enjoying this ~100 dollar interest-free loan, dear eshop.

@pony how long would that last (if you got it)? must be like a wagon of cat food

@MightyPork Extrapolating from a smaller order I made with a different shop, I assume ~half a year. It's for about 8 cats.

(Also as should be noted, the order wasn't just cat food, there were some extras for Christmas, obviously.)

@pony wait a second i thought you have just 1 cat

@MightyPork It's complicated. I got 1 cat at home, but we (hard to define we) got much more.

@pony @MightyPork

this is quite normal - although pet cats may bond strongly with a "family" group of humans and keep a certain territory, if they are well fed/treated they can be quite altruistic and communicate to strays/ferals where "good people" are and also help older cats with mobility problems get into gardens etc and alert others to surveillance equipment/CCTV (I've see this happen with my own eyes!).

There are also nature documentaries from UK BBC and German TV that show this..

@vfrmedia @MightyPork yeah, there are other cats circling around the house, so sometimes we take in ones that are in a bad shape. We try to let them go then, but they keep coming back and you don't really want to anyway...

Captain Poni 🛤️

@MightyPork @vfrmedia there's however a bad issue with them peeing all around, so they can't stay overnight, only in the basement (spacious and with water and food).