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@MightyPork not sure about minecraft tbh. Or skype. Or linkedin. Or...

@MightyPork I don't know why they even bought it. Current Skype is something completely different, they just kept the brand (and even put it on stuff that doesn't have anything at all with Skype -- Lync, which they even managed to rebrand *yet* again).

The thing itself is OK I think.

@pony @MightyPork LYNC is a wierd MS "proprietarised" (if that is even a word) businss orientated VOIP system which sort of works with SIP protocol (I think) but as I've already got 5 perfectly functional Asterisk/FreePBX phone systems running for work I've never bothered with using it. I think they are trying to merge Lync and "normal" Skype especially for business office 365 customers, before you had to install two clients if you wanted to talk to non business Skype users...

@vfrmedia @pony lync is already renamed "skype for business" and while lync was kinda okay, this absolutely sucks

or maybe it's all the bloatware on the work laptop that makes it run like shit, i don't know

Captain Poni 🛤️

@MightyPork @vfrmedia Can't see why, it's just a branding and minor UI update. (At least when I compared Lync 2010 we used to have with what we have now.)

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@pony @MightyPork I guess its whatever they bolted on to lync (which is a glorified SIP VOIP system) so it worked with "normal" skype users as thats the real change that has occured behind the scenes. Before then the two systems were not interoperable.