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Remember class 242?

It has another amazing acoustic feature I didn't mention the last time.

It's designed to work with 25 kV AC, now, what's the one thing this voltage, alternating, does? Arcs. It's not easy to disconnect two pieces of a circuit without an electric arc.

So there is actually a chamber inside that does that. Arc happens there, but it is contained.

It's also loud. So of course the driver had to do it when I was walking next to the locomotive.

@pony I can sometimes hear the arc at the main station here when they lower the pantographs for mainline trains to/from London (UK also uses 25 000V AC for all overhead railway power) but it never seemed that loud to me. We still use these old things. I am not sure how the noise/flash is suppressed (or even if it is at all).

Captain Poni 🛤️

@vfrmedia it may seem old but it's still a generation ahead of these, they are from early 80s and it's not a new design, just a simplified variant of an even one model.