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Captain Poni 🛤️

This used to be platform 2 for most of my life. Oh, changes?

@pony would they let me travel free, as my name is on the head of the train? (athough might just mean I end up going to the coal mine or bulk cargo depot if its a freight).

On a serious note its less common in UK to change a low numbered platform , at least in South platform 1 is usually for the main train to London (or arrival plattform if already in London, platform 2 is mainline leaving London) and a new platform would get a different number (unless 2 is just moved somewhere else?)

@vfrmedia it's a brand for few trains in Bavaria, currently operated by a group owned by the Italian railways I think.

Normally, platforms are numbered starting from the station building, however, Plzeň is specific in the building being in the middle. They now built one completely new and renumbered them from the city center (the new de facto main entrance) sequentially.

@pony I do actually want to visit Bavaria at some time in my life 😁

it looks like the renumbering is sort of following what we do here if I remember I wlll ask some friends who live in the North whether their platform numbering still references London as a main destination or perhaps other large cities closer to them..

@vfrmedia I don't think platform numbering is very complicated here.

Track numbers are funnier and they are still referenced to the passengers (but that is being dropped now). There number one should be the main track going straight through, which obviously isn't likely to be on the first platform.