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Commander Pinkponylove

disappointed there is no vermintide 2 dlc so far

trainspotting with kim on a boat surely must be fun

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i think i pretty much know coordinates of all fedi-people within the range of the Vz. 77 self-propelled howitzer, don't worry

tbh peek fallout-ishness was the Albert supermarket on Veveri in Brno few years ago

oh no, my openbsd plemora is doing something wrong again, i have no idea what's wrong there, it's just that sometimes the VM starts to eat 100% cpu and everything and there is no way to do anything about it, not even serial console in virsh can help, it doesn't react.

>Ahoj pinkpony,
> možná jsi už slyšela o GDPR.

Mozna uz bych ani vic nechtela.


now, to go back to the steel railway bridges again (yeah)

it's easier when your 200-ton crane doesn't end up like this, right.

i missed 400 year anniversary of our lovely defenestration, oh snap

ponybitching about stuff on rails (that is not ruby)


KT4D from Potsdam in Prague where it is restored as a heritage vehicle. Mastodon people will be pleased to learn there was a drama about this "presentation ride" too.

you just hijacked a privacy notice you didn't need to send at all to ask me to sub to your stupid marketing i never wanted, good job

c*nts gonna be c*nts regardless of privacy notices

Oh the GDPR craze. I think it's quite clear this is a service meant to put stuff on the internet for everyone to see it. It can be copied and stored everywhere and by everyone. It is also run by an individual.

Then there is of course the crap like the "direct messages" and "privacy" settings for which this service isn't really fit, shouldn't be presented in the way and some probably shouldn't really even be there.

Don't use them here pls. And if you do, treat them as public anyway.

ohno, my boss is now openly threatening me about having to go to france