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Commander Pinkponylove

Wait, Destiny 2 has this pseuo-Valentine day even when 2 play against 2, but somehow, I got *no* team-mate and was getting horribly shredded while the narrator explained to me it doesn't matter, because at least I got the partner?

Bungie, pls.


Class 810 railbus with air-conditioning and wifi. I mean, it was bound to happen, but still. What a world we live in.

And 40K setting as well, I mean, Warhammer fantasy is weird.

I also bought Warhammer Vermintide as someone wanted to play it with me, but I don't understand it, honestly. It could use a tutorial at least.

They say Subnautica is good, so I bought Subnautica. Now I wonder if it's really good, because I can't play it until tomorrow anyway.

Yes, I'm that smart, thanks for asking.

Get a used ThinkPad they said. Now that thing is ejecting the optical drive tray whenever the train shakes a bit more.

Wish I could just leave topics that I need not to discuss.

But like, why do eastern Europeans have to go so fast from usually winnable fight about "the work doesn't have diversity" (no, i just wanted to say something else with it) to a ridiculous "it doesn't make sense for any local work to ever have any" (and here's an essay why).

I wish I was exaggerating.

so just few points i guess

* you're probably targeting a global audience for whom this is a very valid concern, you can't say lala can't hear you
* racial minorities and their concerns are real even within EE too, you're shitting on actual people here
* whenever you argue with historic "facts", they usually turn out to be bullshit or at best one-sided interpretation ignoring opposing views and historic consensus

well, whatever, just don't act suprised

i think eastern europeans are kinda right to pursue different priorities than racial diversity in their works, however, shutting it down with "lol what diversity nonsense" is an amazing strategy of going from being more or less unjustly accused of being racist to actually being racist, clap clap guys