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Captain Poni 🛤️

level of ignorance found on the local facebook groups[1] for individual streets and city quaters is just astounding

[1] like it or not, it's a legit source of news today, don't @ me with that shit

Midnight, so of course poni is out.

oh no, no waki waki, poni sleepi

So I got that version of the android messages that should, according to the changelog, support that web thingie. But I don't get the option in the menu. What.

What about being on time at least on Saturday evening.

hm, maj furt v Hradci stadion s lízátkama nebo to zbourali?

lovely how anything i write doesn't make any sense because i constantly partially rewrite it and forget to change the rest of what's already there

I'd also like to show you this picture from the poniarchives that shows a train departing from Navsí to Žilina over the Beskids related to the railways near Cieszyn. This is quite interesting about the Bohumín - Těšín - Košice railway, while being relatively flat up to Návsí, suddenly, the line takes a sharp turn and climbs up and up.

and yeah, you can insert some Austria-Hungary here too, being the traditional regional center of Cieszyn Silesia (where could that name be coming from), now being half-split between PL and CZ, it's main railway connection would obviously be to Vienna (and Kassa/Košice) from the station in it's suburb, now an independent town of Český Těšín.

so the railway there, in these days, is not very important

And this is the other side to Český Těšín (the only possible destination, about a kilometer walk) and Zebrzydowice*. Not too great either.

* currently closed for maintenance, presumably, i mean, it's certain it's closed, but nobody really seems to know what's going on there, if anything

This is what the line to Goleszów (and by extension to Bielsko-Biala) looks like now.

One thing they got in Cieszyn is this new combined bus-train station, which is like really nice.

The only problem is there are almost no trains (just over the border now) and, well, Polish buses.

Fifth south? You kidding me? Now I have to walk so far.

Not sure on what train it's coming back, but it should be more attractive because I suppose that will be with the cab car in front and the locomotive in back.

Oh snap, missed ČD railjet with the vectron locomotive to Ostrava.

i think a guy here washed his hair on the train toilet? like, wtf how

actually, now i remember i have that cake from Cieszyn with me. it's funny how in a czech bakery, they price it by a piece, in poland, you ask for half a kilo or more

poni gets hungery, poni should have stolen pastyburgs